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Tinashe dropping new single soon! Will play herself on "Empire", perform at the ANTM finale + more.

After releasing her low in sales but critically acclaimed project Nightride, Tinashe is coming back(?) with a new single soon!
The star of "Slumber Party" has been teasing us about new music and today she just started a radio tour to talk about her new song and introduce the DJs to it!

Earlier this month, her label RCA stated that Tinashe is a priority this year. Will she finally get #Justice?
During an interview, Tinashe confirmed she's appearing on a episode of "Empire"!

and performing at the "America's Next Top Model" finale!

Also, Tinashe will be performing at SXSW 2017 this month, on the 15th.

As of now, Tinashe has been opening for Maroon 5's tour in the US since February 20! March 8 will be her last date with them. Check out one of her performances at the concert!

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Stay tuned for the attempt #54637 at releasing Joyride!

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