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LOGAN's Dafne Keen on bonding with Hugh Jackman during her audition and X-23's future

  • Dafne Keen is the daughter of British actor Will Keen and Spanish actress Maria Fernandez Ache, so she grew up following them around on tour and being on film sets all the time.

  • She's bilingual and trained in martial arts.

  • James Mangold, Logan's director, told Jackman and producer Simon Kinberg that she was "the one" since he saw the audition tape that she sent, but he was worried that they wouldn't get her.

  • During the screen taste with Hugh, they had to do a scene in which he grabbed her wrist, and every time he did her watch would start beeping, but she didn't want to say where the noise was coming from. When Hugh asked her if the beeping was coming from her watch and she said yes, they started laughing and everything felt very friendly. She said that both Jackman and Mangold made her feel relaxed and they had fun.

  • Keen was 11 years old during the shooting of the movie, and she was described as a freak of nature, a supernatural child, and physically sharp as a tack by Kinberg and Mangold. She said that all the wire stuff in the stunts was great, but most of all she liked being a wild animal.

  • Kinberg thinks that Keen's future directors should trust her instincts because she has great ones, and they should also watch her because she does small, nuanced things that most child actors don't do.

  • Keen loves to sing, has an affinity for comedy and says that she gravitates toward any interesting characters. She really loves old musicals and would like to do one.

  • Mangold said that he's entertained by the idea of an X-23 spinoff, and Keen would love to keep playing her.

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