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The Expanse 2X07 pics and sneak peek, plus roundup

Promotional pictures in the link in the tweet. Synopsis at the source: [Spoiler (click to open)]'Preparations for Earth/Mars peace conference tightens the tension on Erringwright.'

Sneak Peek:

More goodies behind a cut.

Inside the Expanse 2X06:

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Dominique stopped reading the book at this point, because she wanted to still be surprised by the story. Everything Naomi preached to and tried to stop the men around her from turning into, she's almost doing it herself. It was a cool and human flaw- making a decision in an almost dictator-like way. She doesn't believe you can get rid of all the proto-molecule and if you can't get rid of it, then everyone should have it, it's the only way to ensure that everybody is on an equal playing field. Bad things happen when one side feels much stronger than the other, that's her argument. She becomes so angry with the injustice against Belters, it puts her in an almost terrorist mindset- maybe violence is the way.

* Solomon Epstein story was in the short story 'Drive'. He invents a new engine that would allow humans to move across the solar system, then you cut to Bobbie and Ganymede's monster- a new technology comes along and we don't know where it takes us, what it means for the future. It gives you Martian history, the story of technology and the unintended consequences of it, which resonates with Bobbie's story on Ganymede.

Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti sits down with Thomas Jane to discuss Joe Miller and 2X05.

Highlights from the podcast:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Thomas thought about who Miller is, how he grew up. Always saw Miller as an orphan, figured his parents were killed on the job, grew up in some institution, that he and Semi grew up as street kids in a mining community and did whatever it took to survive. You don't have a luxury of choosing sides when your first goal is to survive.
Thomas apparently lived on the street as a teenager, never made a conscious connection to the backstory he developed for Miller.

* Miller went from only caring about his own survival, was never ambitious or cared about personal gain. In the end realized he was only out for himself, but Julie sacrificing all she had in order to help the Belt, he starts to ask why would she do that and give up everything she has. Chasing her down, it resonated with Miller and he changed course and found something worth fighting for. He ends up sacrificing himself in the name of equality, human dignity.

* All the best science fiction creates a safe mirror to project our fears about what's going on in our lives today and project it to the future. We can look at ourselves in a way that's not as threatening as the news. It can contribute to the conversation of who we are as a species and where we want to go, which is even more relevant today and will continue to become more pertinent until we can't ignore it anymore. Sci-Fi can also be mind expanding and can come up with some novel solutions. Our society is all about resources and power, but we need to start questioning that, the foundation our society is built on and where we're heading. Progress is not technical innovation, technical innovation without humanity behind it, guiding it, will only lead to disaster.

* He's never seen the show, he'll see some scenes or pieces when he does looping, he doesn't like watching his projects because he was there, he was part of the creative process. You need to find things that keep inspiring you. The Expanse is an underdog show, not on a big network, but there's good talent and scripts to work with, which is were Thomas likes to be- high quality but under the radar of commercial sponsors. Brought his cat alone to Canada for 'Predator' filming, because she was depressed and mad at him when he'd leave her at home to go film.

Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti and Adam Swiderski join producers/universe creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and discuss 2X06 (featuring special guest star Andrew Rotilio, who plays Diogo)

Highlights from the podcast:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

* Naren Shankar, who wrote episode 6, from the beginning of the season wanted to include the Solomon Epstein story this season. As they were breaking the season, he wanted to include it in his episode (no one will argue with the showrunner). They'll never go into the science of the Epstein Drive, it's based on a theory in an article and if it's ever disproven, they don't want their story to be dated.

* Diogo looks up to Miller- he accomplished everything Diogo wishes he could be one day, while Miller maybe saw a younger him going down the wrong path. There were plans from the beginning to use Diogo to show a young Belter become radicalized, thankfully Andrew was great in the role, so they kept looking for opportunities to write more for his character. They talk about filming the space walk scene and hanging Andrew upside down, he discovered he was claustrophobic during filming it and had trouble breathing, but didn't tell anyone till the filming was done. Diogo believes in the cause, but he's also easily swayed. He'll find new mentors that will guide him, but not all his decisions will be the best.

* We're going to see the relationships on the Roci develop and shift. Dominique's version of Naomi is different than in the book- a lot more proactive and identifying more with the Belters as a people and as a political group.

* In the books, you start with Ganymede and it's very clear what happened. Naren wanted to deal with Bobbie's PTSD from the event and have her second guess herself, so they didn't want to show the audience exactly what happened, so we can gradually reveal what did happen. Questioning her about what happened will be the center piece in the Martian-Earth investigation about the incident. Frankie's acting is amazing next episode.

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Ratings steady at 0.2, it actually ticked up a bit, hope it keeps on climbing. The Expanse airs at 10/9C at the SyFy channel.
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