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ANTM contestent Bello Sanchez says he was raped in Paris and police refused to investigate

You might remember Bello Sanchez from the last Tyra hosted cycle of America's Next Top Model. If you don't I can't say that I blame you, the show was on its last breath at that point (as we all know Tyra then quit and the show was moved to VH1 where it was given ~Rita~ as a new host) but for a bit of a refresher he was a contestant in the final boys vs girls cycle who didn't really stand out in either direction and his biggest claim to fame was pretending that his eye color was natural.

Sanchez is now back in the news after posting the above video where he states that he was raped in a bathroom stall at Le Rogue nightclub back on January 30th. He claims that the police basically shrugged off the attack and did nothing to investigate it.

"Paris is so easy to find someone," he said. "All the buildings are the same color. There's not really a lot of places you can hide at."

He continued by saying the police never questioned the security guards. They also did not perform a rape kit on him until 72 hours after the fact and only after intervention from an advocacy group.

"I do think that if I was a little blonde white girl in Paris saying that that happened to me, I think things would have been different yeah," he continued. "I think that would have completely been different. I think my skin tone, my gender, my sexuality, how I look, I think all those things have something to do with why I was not given the proper respect."

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Tags: antm / top model (international), reality show celebrity, violence / domestic abuse

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