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Exclusive photos from Steven Yeun's wedding

  • Steven Yeun and his wife Joana Pak met in 2009, when he was a bartender by night and a Second City cast member by day, and she was a student at Columbia College in Chicago.

  • Their relationship went long-distance when he moved to LA and was cast in The Walking Dead; Yeun proposed in August 2015.

  • The wedding took place on December 3, 2016; it incorporated Korean elements including the garb, meals, and butterfly plates as butterfly was Joana's first English word.

  • The couple walked down the aisle to the Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations."

  • They also opted to forgo a traditional registry, instead asking guests to consider donating to the FlintNow Foundation—a charitable cause close to Steven's heart, since he grew up just 40 minutes from the water-crisis-stricken town.

  • The two decided to wait on the honeymoon until later, as Steven is working on Bong Joon Ho's Okja and Joana is pregnant.

More photos at MarthaStewartWeddings

my first post!
ugh everything about this wedding is so pretty and gorgeous and I love what they're wearing.
Tags: asian celebrities, marriage

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