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Lisa Marie Presley Divorce: Tennessee Authorities Opt to Not Press Charges

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  • Tennessee authorities have decided to not press charges against Lisa Marie Presley's ex Michael Lockwood, for allegedly questionable material involving children on Lockwood's computer. Lockwood's attorney claims Lisa Marie has misinterpreted the material.

  • Authorities state that all they can determine is that a crime did not occur in Tennessee, but they never opened a formal investigation. The case in Los Angeles, where the raid of 80 of Lockwood's devices took place, is still ongoing.

  • Lisa Marie's mother Priscilla says Lisa Marie's daughters have been with her for about nine months, and are doing great. They see both parents, although the official reason why the children were removed from Lisa Marie's care remains unclear.

  • Lisa Marie and Lockwood are due in court March 17th, where Lockwood will continue to fight for Lisa Marie's money. He recently gained a victory with a judge ruling Lisa Marie had to pay his legal fees. Lisa Marie's lawyers told Lockwood in court to get a damn job.

Tags: divorce, legal / lawsuit, music / musician, scandal

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