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Adrian Grenier asks you to #InvestInHer

In the week leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8, Kiva is aiming to crowdfund $3 million in loans to women.

  • On Kiva, people can make $25 loans to entrepreneurs throughout the world to help them start a business, go to school, access clean energy, or invest in their community.

  • This week, Kiva is asking people to #InvestInHer by making a loan to a female entrepreneur in honor of International Women’s Day.

Adrian Grenier has promoted #InvestInHer, and you can use the link in his tweet to sign up for the free trial that will allow you to make your first loan for free this week.

  • Normally, people lend $25, then they receive payments back from that loan and can use it to make another loan once it’s paid back. It’s a really cool way to keep helping people with only a small investment from you. For example, I have made 30 loans on this site, totaling $750, but only using $89 of my own money. I just continue to re-lend the $25 over and over.

  • But this week - new users will receive $25 at no cost to them to make their first loan. So check it out! You can find better instructions at the site, but it's really simple.

How it works is, people choose a project from THIS LIST and sign up to make a loan.

Some of the women you can lend your $25 to include:

  • Mansata's Group in Senegal is asking for a loan of $5,275 to help a member purchase ingredients for her pastry shop.

  • Duan's Group in Vietnam is asking for a loan of $3,175 to help a member raise breeding goats to get additional income for her family.

  • The Sreyneth Group in Cambodia is asking for a loan of $2,825 to help a member raise cows.

Source: My personal experience with the site, Kiva, and Adrian Grenier's twitter
Tags: charity, feminism / social issues

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