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Stranded with a Million Dollars - episode 2

In the previous episode, Michael and Ashley lend their shoe laces to help start a fire. During their long trek to the next campsite, unable to keep their shoes on, both Ashley and Michael shoot their flares, not wanting to drag the group down any further.

After arriving at the camp, the rest of the group is made aware of Michael and Gina taking out $15,000 of the group's money to give into the Temptation from the previous episode. Everybody gives Gina a hard time for taking money without telling them.  When it was time for their next buy, they buy several over-priced camp items (a two-person tent, a machete, a pot, etc) as well as a pizza, spending over $100,000. Since they have the majority of the vote, Chris and Cody cannot stop them, but they refuse to eat the pizza. Cody sees this as an advantage, as this proves how weak the rest of the group is.

Chris is given the Temptation, and brings who else but Cody along. They spend $15,000 on food and outdoor-friendly clothes, since the rest of the group won't let them use the supplies that they bought. They come back, and feel no guilt that they spent the money. Cody and Alonzo argue over their percieved weaknesses, and Cody insults him for sleeping in the tent rather than surviving.

Makani, who this whole time has kept to herself for the most part, eventually stands up for herself to the rest of the group, since they have never asked her opinions about buying items, since she would rather try and survive in the wild, rather than sleep in tents and eat pizza.

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