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The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions 29x05

Underdogs vs Champions
Each challenge day the winners are getting money in their team bank account.
Each challenge day is either a Underdog elimination or a Champions elimination.

Challenge: Knockout

6 Underdog Women vs 4 Champ Women
6 Underdog Men vs 4 Champ Men
Must catch a ball and put it in their bin.
Best out of 5 wins

Underdog Women: 3 Champ Women: 0
Underdog Men: 3 Champ Men: 2

Underdogs Win
Team Bank Accounts
Champions: $0
Underdogs: $10,000

Underdog Elimination day

Ashley and Dario scored the first points so they are chosen to nominate 1 person each on the spot.
Nominated by Ashley: Tony
Nominated by Dario: Sylvia

Nominated by team

To be Continued...

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Tags: reality show - mtv, the challenge (mtv)

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