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Overwatch Post: Competitive S4, Meet Efi Oladele, Rumors/Theories for Doomfist, 24th Hero, and more!

Just last week, Blizzard unveiled an interview with Efi Oladele, a Numbani child prodigy who received Adawe's Foundation "genius grant" award for her work on robotics and artificial intelligence. This reveal has lead to speculation that the introduction of Efi is making way for the release of Overwatch's 24th hero. Community Manager Jeff Kaplan has stated that the 24th hero is not who we think it is (Doomfist) nor is it Efi. Instead, Efi will play a role in the upcoming hero's story. Since the OW community likes its theories, there are a few out who believe that we are getting the 24th *and* 25th heroes. Other hero choices include an Omnic quadruped tank that was revealed in a leak a few weeks back and Jeff Kaplan himself.

Later on, another tweet revealed the aftermath of a battle that took place at the Numbani aiport. The PTR (Public Test Region) updated the Numbani stage to reflect this change. As of this post, the identity of the 24th hero has yet to be revealed.

In a nutshell, you can set up custom games with various settings and parameters. Capture the Flag is becoming a permanent game mode in custom games with new map settings. Also changes to Bastion and PTR updates.

The 4th season of Overwatch Competitive starts February 28th! Are you on track to becoming Grandmaster rank or are you stuck in BPA-free plastic rank like myself? Who do you think the new hero is going to be? Who do you want it to be? What skins did you get in the Lunar New Year event?

Source: Justice rains from the source
Developer Update/PTR Changes
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