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(Sir) Patrick Stewart Looking "Great Forever" for GQ & Reads 1* Reviews of Famous Monuments

-Sir Patrick takes the interviewer on a tour of his neighbourhood, Park Slope, Brooklyn.
-First stop: his fave local pharmacy, then onto a mass grave, then the tallest part of the subway above ground, then spaghetti for lunch.
-Goes to Reno as often as he can as Sunny's family live there (his wife, Sunny Ozell)
-Made a personal request to NYC mayor Bill de Blasio to have a memorial put up to honour the Maryland 400, who fought the British and died in Park Slope during the Revolutionary War, now in a mass grave under a car park.
-Talks about his family, and about his well known lifetime of advocacy against domestic violence, and also now as an advocate for veteran's mental health treatment (his father likely had PTSD from the war and violently abused his mother).
-"He has a raptor's sense of direction."
-Has hand-written notes at the ready to deliver this tour of Park Slope to the GQ journalist.
-Doesn't plan to retire, ever.

 photo 16864222_1275095085911728_2924887292586398164_n_zpshvvsruz9.jpg

 photo 16864681_1275095229245047_8325403076207807817_n_zpssonuwtkl.jpg

 photo 16996224_1275095342578369_4953934465563490007_n_zpsm2vsc4pe.jpg

 photo 16864645_1275095129245057_1736692071981951297_n_zpslvt29cf7.jpg

Sources: SirPatStew Twitter, GQ Youtube, GQ

This cute Sir, may he truly live forever ❤

 photo dancewalterdance_zpsuuj0jegb.gif
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