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Black Sails: 405 Clips - Is the best ship getting resurrected?

The best ship being the Walrus, of course! Silverflint who? Dimplemas who? Blint who? Flintrus is where it's at!

Or at least I like to think Silver's talking about the Walrus in one of those new promo clips floating around. The only one to be found on a non-banned site is over on Inverse, featuring Eleanor & Mrs Hudson (aka the Handmaiden of Deceit aka Mrs Stephens) talking.

Meanwhile, Toby Stephens was asked by a fan on Twitter about That Thing that has caused the entire fandom to collectively lose its goddamn mind this past week. His reply is exactly what one might expect.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Does this mean John gets a new prosthetic, since we haven't seen this version before? Who's gonna make it? Is it Billy, to stay in his favour? Is he gonna have a shirtless scene sweatily forging the boot for LJS? Otoh the episode in the item description is listed as 307, which is correct for the peg leg, but not the boot. Thoughts?

(They're also auctioning off Flint's ninja outfit, lots of dresses, various stunt weapons, etc. A while ago they even sold Marcus Aurelius with the inscription!! OP was considering buying a set of Flint shirts bc they came with his rings. Too bad I'm broke.]

Source: 1 2 3

Crew, have you ever started a jewelry collection based on "would my fave character wear this"? [OP miiight have started a Flint ring collection, oop.]


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