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The first Flash returning to DC Comics

Jay Garrick, DC's first Flash, is making his return to comics in April's Batman/Flash crossover "The Button." The crossover will deal with Batman and Flash investigating the iconic Watchmen bloody smiley face button Batman found in his cave at the end of last year's DC Universe Rebirth one-shot, and is the first major Watchmen-related event since Rebirth began.

Garrick's return was teased on the last page of Flash #9 back in October, when his famous helmet was seen floating along in the Speed Force. He has not been seen since 2011 when the New 52 reboot erased him from DC's main continuity (though a younger version of the character has been a part of the company's Earth 2 book).

"The Button" begins April 19 with Batman #21.


this crossover is already iconic.
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