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Only one woman was hired to direct a drama for the 2017 TV pilot season

- Of the 41 new broadcast dramas being shot this pilot season, only one hired a woman: Liz Friedlander for Las Reinas

- This is a decrease from the past couple of years. Four women were hired in 2015: Ava DuVernay (CBS’ For Justice), Sanaa Hamri (Fox’s Studio City), Coky Giedroyc (ABC’s Broad Squad), and Julie Anne Robinson (ABC’s The Catch). Two women were hired in 2016: Jennifer Getzinger (NBC’s Miranda’s Rights), and Friedlander (ABC's Conviction).

- This is also the second consecutive year that no WOC directors were hired for either drama or comedy pilots.

- Things are slightly better on the comedy side but not by much: this season, five (potentially six) comedy pilots will be spread out among three female directors. Last year, nine comedy pilots were spread out among eight female directors. This means the same, experienced female directors are going out for the same assignments, instead of new ones being given an opportunity to break out

- Numbers are similarly low for non-white male directors: this year, four were hired for drama pilots and three for comedy pilots. That's a decrease from last year, when seven were hired for dramas and three for comedies.

- Sources in the Deadline article have some possible explanations for this terrible trend: There was a push to “think outside of the white male box,” but the networks only went after established female directors who were either too busy/uninterested: Susanne Bier, Kathryn Bigelow, Elizabeth Banks. There are also less open pilot assignments, which means more and more shows already have big-time directors (who are of course white and male) attached to the pilot before it even gets greenlit

- The EEOC recently investigated Hollywood's sexist hiring practices and fount that major studios systemically discriminated against women directors. They're currently in talks for a settlement, but there's possibility of a lawsuit.

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