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Marie Claire on Casey Affleck sex harassment lawsuits and why he shouldn't win an Oscar

Marie Claire breaks down the following arguments people use to justify giving Casey Affleck a (white) pass and explains why it's not ok. There are more detailed answers at the SOURCE that are worth reading.

"It started with my spontaneous Instagram of Casey Affleck. He was on a magazine cover heralded for giving one of "the year's best performances," so I posted it with the hurried caption "with all due respect—barf." Before long, people were debating Affleck's credibility in the comments, and a friend of mine (note: he's a white, liberal male) chimed in to inform mansplain to me that Affleck's recent headlines, while creepy, described mere "harassment"—not "assault."

Let's back up for a moment: Casey Affleck was hit with twin lawsuits in 2010—both from women who worked on his mockumentary I'm Still Here. They alleged that Affleck discussed his sexual exploits during filming, forced a crew member to flash his genitals to them, attempted to persuade one of them to stay in his hotel room using physical force and intimidation, and crawled into bed with one of them while she was sleeping. She says she awoke to find him in his underwear, his arms around her and his hands touching her body. (Court documents are available both here and here. Affleck vehemently denied the accusations and threatened to countersue; both cases were settled out of court.)"

This doesn't sound like simple "harassment," right?

They're making a big deal out of nothing

"But why would a woman risk her career over "nothing," only to be known as a famous actor's victim?"

They could have just quit their jobs
"This reasoning—aside from being wildly unfair—completely ignores the power dynamics of Hollywood, not to mention society in general."

The timing is suspicious
To critique the timing of any woman speaking out against an abuser is to assume we know what it feels like to be ready to speak out. The most sinister thing about sexual violence is that it's so ingrained that many victims don't realize it's happening.

People think it wasn't violent
We hear this refrain a lot: "It could have been worse!" This is the Hollywood equivalent of: "It's just locker room talk."

Violence isn't just physical. It can be the intimation of something physical. Even if force isn't inflicted, it is violence to make a professional feel sexually coerced in her place of work.

"It is sadly par for the course for people to have blind spots about sexual violence, but to ignore it —especially while applauding the alleged perpetrator's professional achievements, as is the case with Affleck—is unacceptable. If we're ever going to move past this problem, we need to demand accountability. We need to ditch our blind spots and stop giving free passes to powerful (and often white) men."

Turns out his company, Affleck/Middleton Project also donated $5K to Trump so there's another reason to reconsider rewarding this guy.

Source Mods I hope this is OK given the lengthy amount of quotes and the source link appears to be outside the cut as far as I can tell.
Tags: award show - academy awards, legal / lawsuit, race / racism, sexism

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