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How To Get Away With Murder: Season 3 Finale Post-Mortem

  • About learning that Laurel's dad was behind Wes' death: She definitely never thought that Laurel's dad would have involvement with killing the love of her life. Laurel signed her soul away to her dad earlier on the season, and the fact that he just keeps ruining her life is something that will grow in season 4.

  • About ever suspecting that Laurel could have killed Wes because she was there that night: She never suspected that Laurel could have killed Wes because if she had done it she would have been very psychotic because she was actually in love with him.

  • About what does she think Laurel's dad's motives were to come back to her life and kill Wes: She reminded us that we don't really know if Laurel's dad was even intending to kill Wes specifically because he blew up Annalise's house, so maybe he was trying to kill someone else.

  • About Laurel's emotionally trajectory in season 4: Laurel's going to want to come to the end of avenging Wes' death and finding out what really happened to him. We're also seeing more of her family next season.

  • About Laurel's pregnancy and the decision she still has to make: She personally wants Laurel to keep the baby because it's all she has left of Wes and that love of her life. She also thinks that it would be very interesting to see what it's like to have a baby while at law school. Or maybe she could give the baby up for adoption. But she would definitely like to see them touching upon what it would mean for a law student to be pregnant and to make that decision, and to see what the psychologically effects of being pregnant in school might be. She thinks that would be a very interesting storyline.

  • About Laurel trying to kill Charles Mahoney: She thinks that Laurel just wanted to confront Charles to find out what really happened to Wes, but she was so hyped up that she could have ended up killing him, so she's lucky that Dominic showed up before she did something that she would regret.


  • Was Laurel's dad really trying to kill Wes or did he mess up?

  • Who did Wes call that night and why did they know that his real name was Christoph?

  • Who was the anonymous source?

  • How old was Charles Mahoney when he impregnated Wes' mom?

  • Why was Denver so involved in all of this?

  • Why was Wes cremated?

  • Will the Keating Four ever find out that Bonnie is also a killer?

  • Will Annalise stay sober and get her old job back?

  • Why is Frank still alive if all of this is his fault?

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