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Porsche Accused Of Hiding Evidence In Paul Walker Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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  • Porsche concealed emails from Meadow Walker's lawyers

  • In the emails the employees jokes after a  Carrera GT crashed because then rest of the models were worth more, saying that such incidents would be “good news” for the company.

  • 200 of the 1280 Carrera GTs were "totaled" in the first 2 years they were sold

  • There's another email from another employee who is reacting to the number of wrecks, saying, "This is in the back of my head every time I get behind the wheel of one of these. It's just hidden behind the shit-eating grin!"

  • Meadow's lawyer, Jeffrey Milam, says, "Any ethical company would have withdrawn the car from the market -- or, at the very least, warned the public about its dangers, particularly since Porsche had deliberately left its touted Porsche Stability System off this model,” Milam continued. “Instead, Porsche management did nothing but make callous jokes in internal emails about how this would improve the value of the remaining cars. The company has been caught trying to hide those email along with the names of potential witnesses.”

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