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Adam Carolla thinks when a teacher sexually assaults a student the teacher is the real victim

In the most recent episode of the podcast Dumb People Town hosts the Sklar Borthers and Daniel Van Kirk were joined by Adam Carolla. On the podcast they talk about true stories of people doing dumb things. The final story segment of the episode featured a true story about a substitute teacher who lost her job after randomly performing a cartwheel for her students while wearing a skirt and no underwear. The conversation soon shifted over to female teachers who have sex with their students. While the hosts of the podcast also seemed to side on the fence of well of course a teenage boy is going to have sex with a hot teacher, Carolla had a lot to say on the matter.

"I would make the ultimate defense attorney for one of these teachers because they always do these ones where they have this two year affairs with the guys in the 10th grade through their Senior year blah blah blah and they’re like hot blondes and they’re out of Florida and blah blah blah blah blah blah," Carolla stated. "Then at some point it ends up in court and the prosecutor starts talking about irreparable damage and psychological damage and this boy’s gonna need therapy for the rest of his life and he’s not gonna trust women, he’s not gonna trust adults… I would let him wax on forever and then I’d go, ‘I got one question and one question only for the victim of this crime. You’re nineteen now. This went on from fifteen to seventeen, yes. Since it stopped until now have you ever beat off to it? Uh yes. Earlier today. We’re done.’ Anything you beat off to it’s not scarring and it’s not a violent crime. If you own a liquor store and some thug comes in and strong arms you you don’t beat off to it, but you have beat off to it multiple times, thus where is the victim in this scenario. And you know had to have beat off to it hundreds of times by the time he’s up there.”

Source 1 and 2
All the 'blah's' are direct quotes from Adam and not me skipping over anything.
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