🌹 (la_petite_singe) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Brutally honest...Razzie ballot?!

- hated Gods of Egypt for being racially insensitive; hates Independence Day: Resurgence in general [bitch me too, the fuck]
- thinks ID:R should've brought back Harry Connick Jr...??
- hilariously stans for BvS; thinks it's about "REAL issues, REAL things" [lmfao]
- "Dinesh D'Souza’s Hillary's America? D’On’t!"
- voting for Leto for Supporting Actor
- walked out of Everybody Wants Some!! [wat]

I know the Razzies are barely relevant anymore (and those "tr*nny" jokes the other year were not cute), but some of their comments are funny and we can always use a worst-movies post. Do you have good taste, ONTD?! Is BvS really about Big Issues™, like moms' names and inexplicable dream sequences?!
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Tags: award show - other, batman, dc comics, film, marvel

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