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Lisa Marie Presley Divorce: The Exes Appear in Court, Kids Are With Grandma

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  • Lisa Marie and Michael Lockwood appeared in court today regarding Lockwood's request for $40k in spousal support and payment for lawyer fees. Daily Mail has pics. E! News noted Lisa Marie "cringed" when Lockwood walked past her in the courtroom.

  • There will be another hearing in March regarding Lisa Marie's accusations of abuse and neglect involving her and the children. Lockwood claims he also has dirt on Lisa Marie.

  • Lisa Marie's lawyer told Lockwood in court the gravy train has left the station and he needs to get a damn job, maybe selling guitars or giving music lessons.

  • The judge ruled Lisa Marie currently won't have to pay spousal support, but she will have to pay $50k in lawyer fees directly to Lockwood's attorney.

  • Lisa Marie's mother Priscilla took to Facebook to correct media reports about the status of her youngest granddaughters. Reports claimed child protective services took Lisa Marie's twin daughters away after she accused Lockwood of child abuse and child porn possession.

  • Priscilla states she currently has the girls in her care, and they will stay in her care until everything is sorted out.

  • Since fans were concerned, she shared photos of the girls to show they are okay, and thanked fans for their support.

  • A legal expert said it is NOT unusual for minors to be removed from both parents if one is accused of wrongdoing, especially considering the allegations.

  • Since there is a percieved threat to the children, Lisa Marie's proximity to the case means she also has to be investigated.

  • The children will remain with Priscilla until a judge rules the children are not in danger from one or both parents.

Source one, source two, source three
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