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Return of Astrology Posts! Do the stars want Selena to enjoy The Weeknd?

In my first ever ONTD Astrology Post, we examined the relationship between Selena and Justin Bieber. It crashed, burned, came back to life, crashed, burned, came back to life--- you get the idea. Now, she’s been stepping out with a new love, commonly known as The Weeknd.

A solar Aquarius and Cancer? What…. The…. fuck…..? That was my first reaction too! It’s not too uncommon that they’re attracted to one another at first. Aquarius is societally sympathetic which makes Cancer swoon, until they realize that Aquarius is good at giving compassion to the masses, but bad at one-on-one connections. At first, Selena’s Sun in Cancer will like this, but as she begins to allow her crab shell to break and reveal her deep emotional presence, she will expect the vulnerability from her partner… and she’ll be taken aback when it never shows up. Alternately, Abel will be left wondering what she’s upset over…? Aquarius is a fixed sign, so what you see, is what you get, and for the most part, will always get.

Again for Selena, I read this relationship as having some turbulence. Her Aries moon will be quick to express any and all hurt feelings with gusto, and Abel, with his Scorpio moon, will always favor not showing any vulnerability (x2 because of his sun in Aquarius, which just doesn’t have any vulnerability, period) and just letting her stew in her feelings until she gets over it on her own time. However, there is a deep intensity to Abel with his moon conjuncting Pluto in Scorpio. He may never show how deep his love goes, but if and when he should choose to express it, Selena might get more than she asked for because his feelings will likely explode out in forms of jealousy and possessiveness that is draped in aloofness, leaving Selena confused.

When it comes to love, Venus holds the cards; When it comes to sex, Mars is in charge. And that’s where it gets sticky for these two! Selena’s Venus is in Leo, and if there is one thing Venusian Leo’s want, it’s large, exorbitant selfless acts of love and adoration rained down on them. In return, of course, you get the pleasure of being in love with someone who will protect you and stand by you with the fierceness of a Lioness. The problem here, is that Abel’s Venus is in Capricorn, and it’s in a tight conjunction with Saturn. His Venus in Capricorn is less enthralled with the idea of an ever-consuming love, and more enticed by stability, status, and structure. This is quadrupled with his Venus sitting next to Saturn, which is the planet that wants to uphold stability, status, and structure! Whenever Saturn touches another planet, it makes that planet more stern and strict. This doesn’t bode well for sweet Venus that just wants to bestow love and receive it back! Basically, Selena might find herself being “tested” by this Venus/Saturn connection in Abel to make sure she’s worthy of the love he has to offer-- this is also a very Capricorn-like thing to do. Her Venus in Leo will NOT appreciate being tested, questioned, or anything less than blindly admired and respected, so I expect some waves here.

It doesn’t look good for these two so far, so what can it be? Well, when all else fails, we know we gotta look at the dick-- right ONTD? Well, Mars, the planet that rules our sexual appetite, is matched up well for these two. Selena’s is in Taurus and Abel’s is in Capricorn, and it’s conjunct Uranus. With both of their Mars in slow-and-steady-to-the-top Earth signs, there’s definitely a shared appetite not only for unbridled passion, but ruthless ambition and success. They’ll understand each other’s personal work ethic and drive for success.

There’s some freak-in-the-sheets shit going down here though, don’t mistake it. Selena’s Mars in Taurus will be all about sensuality- Taurus rules over the five senses after all- so she’ll be seeking a heightened sexual experience that satisfies all five senses. Abel’s Mars in Capricorn is only so happy to oblige! Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning that the sign of Capricorn is able to perfectly steer Mars to success! Capricorn is a goal achiever. Mars is the planet of our physical energy. Abel’s meets up with Uranus, the planet of innovation, ingenuity, and, well… not conforming to norms. He might be interested in pushing the boundaries of freakiness, as Uranus gives otherwise conventional Mars in Capricorn a push to the kinky side, and despite the rumors of Taurus being a stick in the mud-- they’re not afraid of pleasure or pain, so it’s likely Selena jumps on for a good time.

Their Mercury’s are in opposition, Leo for Selena and Aquarius for Abel. These signs are two opposite sides of the “Social axis” where Leo is about social circles that revolve around them, and Aquarius is about social circles that are inclusive to everyone having attention and a comfortable place. Selena with Mercury in Leo is a more authoritative communicator, always confident in what she wants and pulling people into conversation with warmth and cheer. Abel however, is more of “what’s good for one is good for all” thinker and wants to be more rebellious than renowned. With all oppositions there is middle ground, but finding it will require Selena to not try so hard to be loved by all, and will require Abel to be willing to conform to a more normal scale-- and if their is one thing Aquarius hates, it’s feeling normal.

While their sex life is crackin’ and there’s a strong mutual understanding that their ambitions come first and foremost, not a lot else here will be a good match. Selena is more open and honest about her feelings and needs a lot of love to feel comfortable in relationships. Abel is aloof AND gives off a secretive vibe which will drive Selena up a wall. They’ll have success in the sheets and a mutual support for one another’s career ambitions, but past that, I think their differences will sour a relationship. Abel likes to have fun and enjoy company, with one other person or groups of others, while Selena really has more of a need to feel special and eat up his attention. The fights will be explosive with Selena losing her temper and Abel calmly pricking her with his poisonous words. If these two make it past a winter romance, it will most likely be due to a rise in status and popularity that thrills them both rather than a deep connection.

Will their love survive ONTD?

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