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The directors nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar react to Trump's travel ban

  • When the ban was put in place nominee and Iranian director Asghar Farhadi announced that he would not attend the ceremony (unclear if he's changed his mind since then).

  • The Swedish nominee also leaned that his lead actress would not be able to attend the ceremony because she has dual Swedish-Iranian citizenship.

  • All of them oppose the ban.

  • Sweden's nominee Hannes Holm thinks a boycott is pointless because Trump voters don't care about the Oscars.

Hannes Holm, director of Ove (Sweden)
Of course it's terrible, but I texted Bahar [Pars, lead actress of Ove], and I told her I don't believe in walls. If you build a wall, there will always be some way you can slip through, a hole or something. [If the Academy wants] me or Bahar or anyone to come, I will come, the voters of Mr. Trump don't give a shit about [foreigners]. It's part of the idea, to keep [them] out. So if you don't come, maybe it's even better for Trump.

Martin Butler and Bentley Dean, co-directors of Tanna (Australia)
The Foreign Language Film category is all about celebrating all cultures in cinema, which is why [fellow nominee] Asghar Farhadi's feeling the need to boycott the Academy Awards in response to Trump’s attempted Muslim ban is particularly tragic. We understand and support his decision. What has been heartening over subsequent days is seeing the American people and their institutions flex their democratic muscles to put an end to Trump's lunacy. We hope they continue to prevail.

Martin Zandvliet, director of Land of Mine (Denmark)
The idea of a travel ban based on stereotypes or generalizations is insidious which is perhaps why for the moment it has not been enacted. When people react out of fear and we become judgmental of each other, that is dangerous and we need to learn from our past

Maren Ade, director of Toni Erdmann (Germany):

I think we are all affected by this and for me it's not relevant which country Donald Trump banned. And mixing the topics of terrorism and refugees is a horrible, inhuman politics because it creates fear and installs racism. When I did the mood boards on the look of Toni I did research on nowadays pretenders and put Donald Trump in it. I still cannot believe that he is the president of the United States now. And especially as a woman it's hard to accept that such a sexist person was elected. What Trump did in his first steps is going into a modern form of dictatorship that we find also in other countries. An elected populist comes to power, installs his people in extremely important positions of power — especially in judiciary and security, tries to neutralize the media and creates fear and chaos.

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