Courtney Stodden comes out as bisexual and confirms her and Doug Hutchison are over

In a recent interview with US Weekly, Courtney Stodden confirmed that she and Doug Hutchison officially called things quits about three months ago. She continued saying that the breakup has been really hard and that emotions are still very high. The decision did not come lightly as she felt that they had been through so much together, citing the miscarriage that she had last year, but that they had been struggling for some time.

In another interview (posted above) Courtney continued saying that she hopes 2017 will bring good things as 2016 was so rough for her. She states that she's single and dating. When asked about what she looks for in a man she responded, "I think I just want to have fun and I like guys who are funny and you know successful... and girls too I mean I'm bi so why not some girls too?"

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Hopefully this split is permanent and she finds some happiness.