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Riverdale's Newest Character Talks about Playing a Gay Character (and mostly character details)


-Rob Raco was a professional drummer for touring bands but didn't feel his potential was being reached. Admitted he lucked out in getting the role because he carried his anger from the waiting room (where someone called him a "greasy bastard") to the audition, and he basically snagged the role without having to do a call-back or any other additional testing.

-Describes his character (Joaquin) as "a kid in high school who knows what he wants but doesn’t know exactly how to get it. For as dangerous as his life can be, I think he’s a lot more sensitive than he seems. In my eyes, Kevin is his hopeful light that proves that love can exist in his darker world." Says his character, "brings the fearlessness when it comes to being a confident lover"-

-When asked about a possible love triangle of Moose/Kevin/Joaquin: "As sexy as this sounds for these characters, I think Joaquin would be very defensive with sharing his man." Also comments that Kevin and Joaquin's relationship "I think it becomes less and less forbidden, but as the connection grows, so do the underlying secrets."

-When asked about playing a different kind of gay character: "Being a heterosexual man myself, portraying Joaquin as confident with his sexuality as I am with mine has been incredible. It’s inspirational to me. It’s fearless. Nothing is forced, nothing seems fake, Love is the only truth, no matter how you title it."

Tags: actor / actress, interview, lgbtq / rights, riverdale (cw), television - cw
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