The Midsommar May Queen (shangri__la) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Midsommar May Queen

Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon Had Dinner Together

The People's President and the savior of SNL took in dinner and a Broadway show, where Hillary was given a standing ovation. While Hillary and Kate ate, a fellow diner chanted "lock him up" regarding Trump, regarding the threat constantly given by conservatives during the election. Hillary apparently found it all hilarious because she knows how to take a damn joke and 45 sure is one. Hillary is also a "huge fan" of McKinnon, because she didn't whine like a baby every time SNL made fun of her because she's an adult.

Hillary also left the woods to attend the unveiling of postage stamps made in honor of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta at Grand Central Terminal. She said in part in her speech: “Oscar de la Renta was an immigrant. What a fitting person to be chosen by our Postal Service, mentioned, by the way, in the Constitution, something we should all read and reread in today’s times … Let there be many, many more immigrants with the love of America that [he] exemplified every single day.”


While this country continues to crumble, President Obama and HRC are living their best lives. Enjoy your retirements, BO and HRC. I mean that genuinely.
Tags: kate mckinnon, politics, saturday night live (nbc), television - nbc, where are they now
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