Is Louis Tomlinson getting back together with ex Eleanor Calder?

After breaking up with very pretty CW actress Danielle Campbell (at some point over the last few weeks... who really knows or cares), friend-of-the-lesser-Aoki Louis Tomlinson and ex-without-a-real-job Eleanor Tomlinson have been getting e-closer recently.

Fact #1: he re-followed her on Instagram two weeks ago.

Fact #2: she re-followed him on Instagram today.

Fact #3: today, he liked this 14-week-old picture of her wearing this Titanic sweatshirt.

Fact #4: also today, he was pictures at Starbucks wearing a half-Titanic/half-Kiss (what is the connection?) sweatshirt.

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What do you think? Are they being the most obvious people to ever get back together, or is all a sham to play with the hearts and minds of Larries?