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Celebs react to 45's solo press conference

This afternoon at 1200 EST. 45 held his first solo press conference during his presidency and since give or take July 2016. It was a doozy.

Topics discussed:
Alex Acosta is his nominee to lead the Department of Labor. Made a joke with Jim Acosta if there was any relation.
How his poll numbers are high. The poll is the Rasmussen poll.
How he "inherited a mess"
How he had the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan then got fact-checked live during the presser. His rebuttal was he was given that information.
How the White House is a "fine-tuned machine."
How he will have a new EO that is an improvement from his travel ban.
Reporters keep asking about Flynn's resignation and his campaign's ties to Russia. "Leaks are real, news are fake."
Said former campaign chairman was "a good man" same with Flynn
"Russia is fake news."
His election victory and Hillary.
He asked the press corps if they know what uranium is and brought up Hillary again.
Was angry at media in regards to the tone of the coverage about him.
He admitted to watching to a lot of cable news.
Was angry when he was asked by a Jewish reporter in regards to the rising incidents of anti-Semitism in the US. It led to I'm the "least anti-Semitic and least racist."
Hyped up Melania.
Chicago was brought up as well as a HBCUs which lead to the CBC incident.

Celebrity Reactions:

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