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FX - LEGION 1x03 Promo "Chapter 3" + Interviews with Noah Hawley, Dan Stevens, and Rachel Keller

[Synopsis]David searches for answers, while a threat looms.

- Hawley talks about what drew him to Legion/David Haller's story
- Wanted to create an experience of what it's like to be David, explaining the reasoning behind the structure of the show
- About the X-Men Universe that he likes the most is the morality of it, where good and evil are not clear cut

SPOILER WARNING Short video of Dan talking about David's parentage (SPOILER for those unfamiliar with the character in the comics). Beforewarned, he makes a brief, somewhat innocuous comment regarding other characters that can be spoilerish (fits with popular fan-theory floating about right now).

- Post-acting school found her nannying, hostessing, manning a juice truck, and selling homemade vegan baked goods before her big role on Hawley's Fargo FX TV series
- Hawley asked her to audition for the lead female role on Legion after S2 wrapped on Fargo
- Talks about her character, Syd Barrett (a nod to the late Pink Floyd frontman), her powers, and trying to have on-screen chemistry when her character [Spoiler (click to open)]can't physically touch others without switching places with them
- Was more of a Calvin and Hobbes reader than a comic book reader
- “It’s a comment on how we deal with people who are different, and how we maybe suppress them unconsciously.” on the show's timeliness and theme under the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's administration
I'm enjoying the hell out of this show =) The X-Men-meets-Pushing-Daisies vibe is what I'm all about. Thoughts and theories for tonight's episode?

Spoiler tag for those who need it!

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