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Maggie Rogers debut EP drops this Friday

Maggie Rogers went viral last summer after a video of Pharrell critiquing her classmates in a Masterclass at Tisch. After hearing an unfinished version of her song, "Alaska" (a fusion of folk and dance music) he commented "I have zero, zero, zero notes for that. I've never heard anyone like you before." The video of the 30min Masterclass has over 2mil views. You can see the reaction of Pharrell in the video below:

This Friday her debut EP Now That The Light Is Fading will be released through Capitol Records and Universal Music. She also released a music video for the finished version of the song heard in the NYU video:

Maggie + Pharrell
Music Video
Tags: music / musician, music video, new music post, pharrell / n.e.r.d / neptunes
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