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Did Little Mix shoot a music video with Machine Gun Kelly yesterday? An exclusive ONTD investigation

Little Mix have been in Nashville for a few days because that's the next stop of the Dangerous Woman Tour. Diana Warner, a makeup artist and stylist from that city, tweeted and posted on Instagram about working with Little Mix on a music video yesterday. What's weird about this? That she also tweeted about meeting Machine Gun Kelly, and tagged him on an Instagram post about working on a music video yesterday, which was supposed to be Little Mix's video.

A girl, who apparently was an extra on the video, also tweeted about meeting Machine Gun Kelly, intensifying the rumors about Little Mix collaborating with him on their next single.

A couple of fans who were there for 11 hours said that they never saw Machine Gun Kelly on set, but having in mind that Diana Warner seemed to be in other set, maybe they just didn't shoot scenes together and that's why the fans didn't see him on the same location as the girls.

The weirdest thing is that Machine Gun Kelly started following a fake Jade Thirlwall account on Twitter last night, I guess thinking that it was really her, which means that he probably met them after all and this bizarre collaboration is happening because their team hates me.

Which song are they releasing as their third single? It's either Power or No More Sad Songs. Apparently, some makeup artist who was there with Diana Warner posted a video on her Instagram story, before deleting it, in which you could hear No More Sad Songs playing on the background, but the fans who were on set said that the theme of the video looked like it fitted Power better, but they're not sure because apparently they weren't playing music during the shooting. If it's really No More Sad Songs, they're about to ruin my favorite Glory Days song.

Who's the director of the video? Last night, Jade and Leigh followed Joe Labisi on Instagram, and this morning he followed them back, as well as Perrie and Jesy. Joe has directed videos for Nicki Minaj, Drake, Jason Derulo, Zayn Malik, Maluma, Big Sean, Zendaya, Taylor Swift, and more. If you want to know which videos he has directed, check out his site.

sources: 1 / 2 + my screenshots + my words

Mods, I made screenshots in case they start deleting posts/tweets. A couple of those tweets were already deleted, but I had made screenshots already. I hope that's okay.
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