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Reign 4x02 promo & Adelaide does a Facebook Live Q&A

Adelaide answered some fan questions in a Q&A session with Facebook Live to promote the season premiere of Reign's final season. A few of the answers below the cut!

- Talks about her cat Ranma being fine with pets visiting but when she tried fostering a second cat Ranma wasn't a fan and the foster cat was re-homed.

- At the moment her work life is more important to her than her love life. That'll probably change when she's older but currently wants to focus on working and traveling more.

- Biggest similarity between her and Mary is that they're both stubborn and love their friends. Jokes about both of them not being good at choosing the best men to share their lives with.

- Biggest difference between her and Mary is that she doesn't rule a country, only her apartment and sometimes her cat.

- Ireland was her fave shooting location. The Ashford castle is beautiful.

- Says Reign changed everything in her life. She was employed for 4 years, got to live in Toronto, made amazing friends, was able to buy her first house, adopted a cat that will be her lover for the next 20 years.

- Has a Facebook fan account, doesn't have a personal one bc people were reaching out to her family and she wasn't comfortable with that.

- If she could say one thing to Frary fans it would be that their love is eternal and you'll see glimpses of that in season 4.

- Had wanted to cut her hair for a long time, says it's easy to mantain bc she doesn't have to wash it often or do anything to it and it was a good thing after years of heat styling on the show.

- Her most memorable experience on Reign was learning how to ride horses.

- Creeps on her fans on Tumblr so she saw them fancasting her as Lyanna Stark. Would have considered auditioning for it but was shooting Reign at the time.

promo source q&a source

will you be watching Reign's final season? apparently it's gonna end with Mary's death.
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