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Marvel's Kevin Feige: Upcoming movies will spend as much time in space as they will on Earth

- Says the phenomenon will begin after Spider-Man: Homecoming
- Will apply at the very least to GotG Vol. 2 (duh), Thor: Ragnarok (where "three scenes are set on Earth" and the action goes "beyond the nine realms"), possibly Black Panther (!!), and Avengers: Infinity War; others, like Captain Marvel, likely.
- Confirms that Thor: Ragnarok will have many elements of Planet Hulk (yaaaas)
- Says Thanos will become "a main character" soon so he can finally be more than a chair-seated fool before the DCEU swoops in to make Darkseid the rightful space tyrant in everyone's minds

Source: Cinemablend

Are you ready for Cosmic Marvel to dazzle you, ONTD? And to make you mourn anew that that we don't have rights to Galactus, Silver Surfer, Annihilus, the Siege Perilous, the Phoenix force, and on and on forever?
Tags: comic books, film - action / adventure, interview, marvel, spider-man, the avengers
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