Lady Gaga's "John Wayne" music video premieres on VEVO/Youtube

Gaga talked with Zane Lowe about the surprise music video she first released to Apple Music yesterday:

"I have known Jonas [Akerlund] for a really long time and we've been wanting to work together again. For this song I thought he and I would just be perfect to do this together. He directed the music video, but the way we usually start when we work is he likes to download from me all my visions about the song. I'll tell him 'I envision me on the back of a horse with a guy and I'm about to fall off and no matter how fast he goes and how much it hurts I keep hanging on and I look like I'm enjoying it, or, you know, a scene with me and a guy in a car and we're getting too reckless and we show how reckless love can be.' I took him through a whole bunch of different scenarios like that and he helps to weave it together into a story and a video."

This is the first Gaga video to be directed by an ACTUAL video director in 7 years (smh)

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