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LeBron and Steph talking about the immigration ban and Trump

- After accepting the NAACP's Jackie Robinson Award at the Image Awards last week (the show will broadcast Saturday on TVOne), somewhere between his strong showings against Charles Barkley and the Wizards, LeBron James talked to THR about the immigration ban, saying "We should all continue to speak up and fight for ideas that bring people together regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs or any other differences" and that athletes should use their platform to speak out. He added that he is "not in favor of this policy or any policy that divides and excludes people. I stand with the many, many Americans who believe this does not represent what the United States is all about."

- Steph Curry, meanwhile, responded to UA head Kevin Plank's assertion that Trump will be an asset, saying “I agree with that description,” Curry said, “if you remove the ‘et.’”

- He spent all day yesterday talking to people at UA about Plank's statement, and while he feels better after Plank's clarification that Trump is a business asset [fuck off], he qualified it with: "are we promoting change? Are we doing things that are going to look out for everybody? And not being so self-serving that it’s only about making money, selling shoes, doing this and that. That’s not the priority. It’s about changing lives. I think we can continue to do that” and hinting that he'll leave if UA adopts Trump's values.

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Plank is half-right; Nordstrom is up 4%
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