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The Expanse roundup- inside the premiere videos, set tour, origin comics and #1 on itunes

Inside The Expanse videos for the two episode premiere. Episode 1:

Highlights from the video:
[Spoiler (click to open)]They ad-libbed a lot in the Roci lasagna scene. The cast were welcoming to Frankie (they misspelled 'Bobbie' in the video), she didn't even feel like she looked like herself, she looked so scary. They talk about Frankie's physicality being perfect for the role. Frankie is usually the youngest on set, so she loves Bobbie's leadership here.

the lasagna scene was a great opportunity for the cast to reconnect after the hiatus and a great opportunity for the characters to bond in a way they haven't so far. Miller is like the uninvited uncle that won't leave the couch, an outsider. Amos initially doesn't have a problem with Miller, it's Miller who has a problem with him. Miller has made it clear that he's gonna disrupt the harmony of Amos' new family with his anger over Amos killing his partner, so Amos wants to get that out of the way to remove that energy out of the group.

Amos believes he's not capable of really distinguishing between right and wrong, but he cares enough to attach himself to people he believes are good. In S1 it's only Naomi, but in S2 Holden has gained Amos' respect and trust, so he's another person Amos can follow. It will cause issues in the end of the season- Amos trusts both Holden and Naomi, what happens when they tell Amos to do different things?

Inside The Expanse video for Episode 2:

Highlights from the video:
[Spoiler (click to open)] Ty and Daniel wrote the episode and it included some scenes from the book that were their favorites, including the massive space battle that doesn't follow the general space battles we've seen on Star Wars or Star Trek. The battle is more strategic, changing velocity and finding places to hide. They talk about combining live action with incredible visual effects. They talk about the scene Amos gets slammed around- Wes kinda loves getting banged around, he was in the Navy and loves the physical side of things. Miller becomes more idealistic and finds something to believe in in Julie, while Holden loses that idealism and becomes more gray and a realist. Miller thinks killing Dresden is the right thing to do, while Holden thinks they need him, so they've sacrificed people and put themselves in harm's way for nothing now and are back to square one.

More behind a cut.

Take a tour of The Expanse sets:

There will be 4 Expanse origin comics, available exclusively on ComiXology. The first one is for Holden, there's a preview of it at the link.

The ratings for the two part premiere were 0.3, which is ok for SyFy but not great (The Magicians had 0.5 premiere and last episode was 0.4, for comparison) but apparently the premiere was #1 on iTunes, so there's that:

SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

The Expanse airs tomorrow at 10/9C on the SyFy channel.
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