krystal (burntxtoashes) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

David Beckham's Hacked Emails Leak

A number of emails allegedly written by David Beckham have been hacked and released, and they ain't pretty.

* Annoyed that he hasn't been offered the honour of knighthood, despite already receiving an OBE
* Calls the honours committie a "bunch of c***s"
* Backed stay in the Scottish Independence referendum, because he thought it would boost his chances of receiving the knighthood offer
* Tax body HRMC had reportedly placed a flag on him, which may have affected his chances
* Was asked to attend a Spanish sports award ceremony last year and replied to the invite with "unless its a knighthood, f*** off"
* Demanded UNICEF cover business costs for a charity work trip
* Reluctant to contribute his own funds to UNICEF
* Mostly did charity work to help with his image

update: david's rep respondsCollapse )

source source source

does this count as a #DavidBeckhamIsOverParty?
Tags: british celebrities, hacked, scandal, sports / athletes - soccer / football, victoria / david beckham

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