HTGAWM's Jack Falahee (Connor) on the cover of NKD Magazine

Jack Falahee is on this month cover of NKD Magazine and here are some excerpts of the interview:

On his character (Connor) in the later half of season 3: “We find out pretty quickly that Connor is harboring a secret about that night,” Jack admits, “We see that secret sort of grow and take hold of him, and it creates a lot of tension between him and the other students.”

On how the cast is feeling with the absence of Alfred (Wes): Alfred is still appearing on the show with flashbacks but with his presences on the set diminished as the cast is feeling the weight of his absences very heavily. “We've all become so incredibly close in a way that I don't really hear about casts getting,” Jack says, “It was really stressful just shooting this season and not knowing who was going to be under the sheet.”

The cast found out week to week what character would survive after it was reveled in the first episode of season 3 that someone would be gone. “Alfie, bless him, handled it with such professionalism and grace,” Jack says, “I don't know if I would have handled it as well.”

On fan favorite couple 'Coliver': Jack believes the writers have done a 'great job of addressing a lot of the issues that Connor and Oliver have gone through without hitting viewers over the head with them'. He also says he receives fan mail with people sharing the coming out stories or what 'Coliver' means to them. “I'm rooting for Coliver to be what's the term they use? End game,” Jack says.

On what kinds of roles he looking for: “It's a conversation I have frequently with fellow actors of mine. What role would I not take and for what reason?” Jack says, “Would I play a pedophile or would I play a racist? And its hard to answer.”

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