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Little Mix's livestream and radio interview with JoJo Wright for KIIS-FM

  • JoJo was trying to talk with a British accent, and then asked the girls to talk with an American accent.

  • The accent thing went on forever becaues JoJo really wanted to talk with a British accent and the girls were trying to help him.

  • During the whole tour with Ariana Grande, they will be doing promo during the day and on a lot of their days off, so they're going to be very busy for the next few months.

  • They love interviews in which they get to play a game.

  • It was their dream to perform at Madison Square Garden, and now they will perform there two nights in a row in a few days.

  • Leigh would probably sing Shout Out To My Ex for the rest of her life if she had to pick just one song from Glory Days.

  • There's going to be a lot of energy and dancing and crowd interaction during their set on the Dangerous Woman Tour.

  • When they're in the UK, Jesy is the only one who can't hide and always gets recognized by fans when she goes out. It's easier for the other three to hide, but if the four of them go out together they're screwed.

  • Jade talked about working Parris Goebel. They would love to work with Les Twins, Beyoncé's dancers.

  • They're going to perform their hits and songs from Glory Days.

  • They would sing the National Anthem at a sporting event if they ask them to.

  • Perrie and Jesy love The Cheesecake Factory. Jade loves In-N-Out. Leigh wants to go to some restaurant in Malibu.

  • Perrie loves going to Disneyland, but she has never gone to Disney World/Disneyland in the US, just to the one in Paris.

  • They're kinda upset because they didn't get nominated for Best Album at the BRITs with Glory Days.

  • Perrie says that the recording process of an album is a lot harder of what people think it is, and it's even harder for a group because of all the different harmonies they have to record.

  • They talked about the recording process in general.

  • Jesy and JoJo started talking about tattoos, and Jesy said that she wants to get another one while they're in the US. Jade also wants to get another one while they're there.

  • Jade and Jesy also said that they're getting matching friendship tattoos, and while they were talking about it, Leigh said that she wanted to join them and get it, too. They're getting it on the neck behind the ear and they're planning on doing it while they're in the US. They're already checking designs.

  • Perrie doesn't want to do it because she doesn't want to get tattooed at all. She always thought that she would be covered in tattoos because her dad is, but she changed her mind at some point.

  • Jesy called Perrie a bitch for not getting tattooed with them and then they started "fighting" or whatever their version of fighting is.

  • They talked about the friendship tattoo that they mentioned during the livestream, and JoJo wants them to get tattooed while on the air. Jesy and Jade are down for that. Then JoJo started talking about "tramp stamps" for some reason.

  • They talked about Glory Days.

  • Leigh thinks that everything happens for a reason.

  • Perrie thinks that making music is like therapy.

  • Jade thinks that they say what they think too much, and that's why they're not hiding the fact that they're a little upset because Glory Days wasn't nominated for Best Album at the BRITs even though it was one of the best selling albums of 2016.

  • During the shooting of the Touch video, Jesy hit Leigh's face with her head while dancing and busted her lip open.

  • Leigh busted her lip open when they were touring with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony thanks to Fifth Harmony's set. A door from their set fell on her.

  • According to Perrie, Leigh is always getting into accidents.

  • The girls and JoJo started to talk in different accents, and they were trying to teach JoJo how to say Little Mix and a few other words with a British accent.

  • Jesy told a story about a fan who booked a church and bought her a ring and told her to just show up to their wedding. The guy paid for all these things and really wanted to marry her and had picked a date and everything. Jake's can't relate.


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No one touch Jesy's hair for the next 3 months because it actually looked good yesterday and that doesn't happen often.
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