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'Sharkwater' director Rob Stewart is missing off the coast of Islamorada Florida.

Rob Stewart, the Toronto filmmaker and conservationist is missing after a night dive off the Florida Keys while on a shoot for the follow-up to his award-winning documentary, “Sharkwater”.

Stewart and two friends were on a night dive in waters up to 70 metres – the deepest dive Stewart has ever completed – near a shipwreck close to Islamorada when Stewart disappeared under the waves.

Stewart was last seen around 5:15 p.m. Tuesday evening near the dive boat and reportedly gave the thumbs up symbol, indicating he was okay following the dive. “He said ‘I’m okay,'” MacLeod says. When one of the three divers blacked out, Stewart’s friend dove into the water to rescue the unconscious diver. When he surfaced with the diver, Stewart was gone.

Accoding to Sea Shepard, the boat crew members think Rob passed out as well and floated off. Hoping he is safe, and is found soon. This is very, very sad. :(

You can help by visiting the gofundme page and donating - this allows them to get more helicopters etc. looking for him. People can survive for 72 hours at sea, so hopefully he gets found.

Tags: canadian celebrities, film director
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