Ed Sheeran Calls Out Copycat Musicians, Challenges Adele's Record

The singer-songwriter covers the March issue of British GQ,and has spoken quite candidly about his musical competition:

  • "There are a lot of singer-songwriters around now. I'm not the first but there are more than before. I'm very happy for everyone to be in the same race as me, even if they copy every single thing I've done. In a 100m sprint to get a No1 album, I just know I'm going to win."

  • Adele is the only person who has sold more records than him in the past ten years [citation needed. Really, though, because Wikipedia tells me Taylor Swift's 1989 sold over 9 million while Sheeran's 'X' sold 7.9 million...]. "She's the only person I need to sell more records than...I'm not in competition [creatively] because we all sit in our own lanes, but once the creative product is out there is a race to the finish line."

  • Both he and Taylor weren't popular in school so they attribute this to their drive to become the biggest male/female artist in the world.

Here for these underdogs!