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ONTD original: 7 books set in Paris

I love Paris - and so do a lot of authors, judging by the amount of books, of all genres, set in Paris. Here are some of my favourites, let us know yours in the comments!

(The links in the titles take you to the book's Goodreads page)

1. A Moveable Feast (Ernest Hemingway) - memoir

Hemingway's memoir includes such iconic moments as the one where he spends the better part of a chapter describing F. Scott Fitzgerald physique in great homoerotic detail ("The mouth worried you until you knew him and then it worried you more") and then Scott flashes him to get Hemingway's opinion on his penis. Great stuff.

2. The Essence of Style (Joan deJean) - non-fiction

A great pick for Paris lovers and history buffs, this book explores the origins of high fashion, Parisian cafés, champagne, fine dining, and everything that is sophisticated. Another great read by the author is How Paris Became Paris, a brief history of the city.

3. A Taste of Paris (Theodora FitzGibbon) - recipes

A wonderful cookbook of authentic day-to-day Parisian recipes, with historical photographs and little bits of history. Out of print, but a nice little treasure if you can find it in a second-hand bookshop.

4. Stuff Parisians Like (Olivier Magny) - humour

Based on a hugely successful blog, this book is a hilarious satire of the idiosyncrasies of Parisians.

5. The Chocolate Temptation (Laura Florand) - contemporary romance

A hate-love story between an American woman of Korean descent and her Parisian pastry chef boss. Really heart wrenching, beautiful stuff. Other great Parisian romances by the same author: The Chocolate Thief, The Chocolate Kiss, The Chocolate Touch, Kiss the Bride.

6. Paris: The Story of a Great City (Danielle Chadych, Dominique Leborgne) - non-fiction

A fascinating history of Paris by someone who knows what they're talking about - Danielle Chadych works at the Carnavalet Museum. The book contains hundreds of reproductions of beautiful sketches, maps, illustrations, letters, and even royal decrees.

7. Perfume (Patrick Suskind) - fiction

A chilling story of a murderer with an acute sense of smell, in a dirty Paris that is a far cry from the City of Light that we know today.

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