Cordelia Foxx (vehiclesshockme) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Cordelia Foxx

Tag Suggestion Post

(relevant ones to ONTD only, please!)

If you like a tag someone recommends, please just reply to them with a +1 or "THIS" or w/e instead of making another comment thread (just so we don't have a billion comments asking over and over for a specific tag) and we'll be going thru the post and adding them if they're good! Please, only suggest tags if you intend on using them. People ask for certain tags and a lot of them are never used.

Also, read the comments before suggesting - someone probably already suggested your tag and we're trying to keep it as condensed/easy to sort out as possible - thanks! :)


  • Please look at the list of existing tags before you suggest one. Every time we have a tag suggestion post several tags that already exist end up getting suggested.

  • Before suggesting a tag consider if there is an existing tag that already covers this. For example, "celebrity social media" is a tag so we don't need one for "celebrity twitters" or "celebrity instagrams". This also goes for celebrities. If the series they're on already has a tag and they don't get a bunch of solo posts that don't relate to that series at all then they don't need their own tag. Like "the flash" has a tag. We don't need one for Danielle Panabaker.

  • Please only suggest tags that you are going to use. If you've never made a post we're probably not going to take your suggestion seriously since you're not going to use it. Several tags end up going unused. You should use "television promo / stills" tag on posts posts if you are posting a television promo / still even if the show has it's own tag. So like posting a Game of Thrones promo? It should have the Game of Thrones tag and the television promo / stills tag.

  • We have an absurd amount of tags that have existed for over a year that have less than twenty uses. Don't suggest a tag for a person that's rarely if ever posted about i.e. there's no reason for Michelle Pfeiffer to have a tag. Just because someone is a big name doesn't mean there are ever posts about them.

  • We are not making tags for dead people.

  • If a show has not yet been renewed for a second season it will not be getting a tag.

  • When suggesting a tag please copy the contents from this box and paste it after your suggestion. Note that the text in this box is subject to change so be sure to refresh before copying. Suggestions that do not contain this code in the initial comment will not be considered and neither will any of the votes beneath it.

  • Please read the post before making a suggestion. There's a good chance someone already suggested your tag. Just add a +1 do not start a new thread.

  • At this time we will not be splitting existing tags into separate ones. We may consider this in the future but splitting is typically takes more time and trouble than it's worth :(

  • This is a tag suggestion post. It is not for other ONTD issues. If you need to speak to a mod about something please send an email to
  • Tags: mod post
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