Viola Davis discusses HTGAWM and her Oscar nomination

Viola Davis (Annalise Keating) talks with Michael Strahan from Good Morning America about many topics such as: her Oscar nomination, receiving the Hollywood star and HTGAWM.

On her nomination: she hasn't thought much of her nomination yet but her mother is another story. Her mother is planning to go with to the Oscar this year, saying: "She said she wanted to go to the Oscars. I thought that was shocking. If you knew her you'd know how shocking that is. Most of the time she just wants to go to the track to play the slot machines."

On receiving the Hollywood star: "That was pretty spectacular to look at my family in the audience and my friends and to have Meryl Streep introduce me and those words were so emotional"

On how Annalise will change after [Spoiler (click to open)]her surrogate son Wes was murdered: "I have my fantasy that that's going to catapult her into kind of wanting the best for the rest of the Keating five and needing -- really needing -- them all to stay alive," Davis explained. "I'm waiting for it to get better. I'm like when does it gonna get better? ... I want maybe a nice house you know ... I want her to just do better, maybe go to therapy."

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