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Even More Game of Thrones Season 7 Leaks + Actual Script Pages leak

[Spoiler (click to open)]Today's news confirmed that David Bradley who played Walder Frey is returning back to the season, confirming the earlier leak that Arya is going to pull a Red Wedding 2.0 and murder the rest of the Freys by putting on Walder's face.

Jon and Sansa will have a few scenes together discussing how the North should be ruled at the start of the season. They disagree - Sansa is definitely the harder of the two.

Jon leaves at the end of Episode 2, leaving her in charge of Winterfell.

The Stark reunions on paper don't read particularly emotional.

cersei doesn't address the sept burning at all. I don't think she feels the need to - she's Queen now, and everyone pretty much does what she says. And it's mentioned by Hot Pie in episode 2 that he heard she blew up the Great Sept, so it's pretty common knowledge across Westeros.

Ellaria is made to watch her youngest(Tyene) die from a poison kiss delivered by Cersei herself - she wants to make her suffer the way she suffered for Myrcella.We don't see Ellaria after she's left to watch Tyene die, but it's heavily implied she's dead.

Yara is taken prisoner and treated badly, but we don't see her die this season, so there's still hope Theon may rescue her.

Euron allies with Cersei because he wants power. And a Queen. He has a huge Navy, she doesn't. That's a pretty simple arrangement. He is determined that he'll marry her, and she allows him to believe its a possibility for as long as he's useful. This is Cersei after all.

Cersei plunders Highgarden to pay the Iron Bank. They're pretty happy at the fast payment, and then Cersei pushes it further.

She tells Tycho that Westoros needs a stable ruler, and that Targaryen's rule is unpredictable both politically and financially. She essentially persuades him to authorise a line of credit for her to buy more warriors, which pays off in the last episode when it turns out she's hired The Gold Company to join her side in the coming conflict.

they don't specify which time Jaime did the business (impregnated cersei), but it's implied that their relationship has been sexual ever since he returned from Dorne.

In the Jaime/Cersei breakup scene, He walks out on her, while she is threatening to have The Mountain kill him. Jaime calls her bluff however, and the Mountain stands aside and lets him leave her chambers. Next we see him he's on his horse heading north. That's all we see of him.

The script says Cersei is "soaked in blood" at the end of the season (from a miscarriage).

she's definitely not dead. The way it's written would be a pretty weak end for one of the show's biggest characters.







Highlights of the script pages leak:
-Dany visits Jon when he's lying in bed naked after almost dying at the Wight Hunt. She talks about losing Viserion and how she and Jon will defeat the Night King together. Jon is so enamored by her that he promises to kneel to her later on when he's in better condition and give up his position as King in the North.

-Sansa and Arya talking about Sansa finally killing Littlefinger.  They both basically compliment the shit out of each other, with Sansa getting the brunt of the compliments from Arya though.

-scene of Arya pulling the Red Wedding 2.0 on the Freys

-Tyrion and Cersei arguing. Cersei shades Jon and calls him Dany's "Pet Northerner" because he kneeled to Dany. Tyrion explains to her how wrong she is about her belief that he's been trying to destroy her and her children his entire life.

-scene of Arya and Sansa killing Littlefinger and Jaime giving up all his Lannister riches and riding North.

-boring scene of a bunch of characters giving exposition on the Dragonpit.

the leaked script pages were leaked on this SOURCE (i'm sorry mods but this subreddit is the original source of these leaks and were leaked by the same user who has been verified at the embedded twitter source)
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