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Oop! Britney Spears' new bf exposed as cheater by former Bad Girls Club member?!

Here we go.

Naughty. Former Bad Girls Club cast member Morgan Osman went on a little instagram posting spree yesterday exposing Britney Spears' new boy toy as a cheater! She posted snaps of the two kissing, and videos of the two in bed whilst tagging every media outlet naturally and Britney herself before succumbing to stan abuse and taking it all down. As of yesterday she also made her ig account private.

Luckily for our entertainment fans screencapped errethang.

There's no time stamps on the pictures or video so there's no telling if these are recent. However whether a jealous ex looking for attention by posting old photos or a scorned lover done wrong no decent guy has this type of drama coming out of the woodwork. This seems like a red flag Spears will surely ignore as she continues to date to the 22 year old model.

Stans of course went into cape mode and dragged Morgan.

Morgan released a statement of course!

“I don’t know why everyone is attacking me, Sam Asghari is the cheater. I feel sorry for Britney Spears, she seems like a good person.”

Morgan continues, “I have video and images of our REAL relationship. Britney he is using you.”

Tags: bad girls club (oxygen), britney spears, what is the truth

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