This Is A "Bad Gals Of KPOP" Post: CL, HyunA, Ailee, EXID

New info on 2NE1's last comeback single "GOODBYE":

  • Written By CL and prodUced bY J Gramm and Rock Monroe (Rihanna's "Desperado")

  • The singLe Is about CL's Feelings of regreT about the EnD of 2NE1.

  • OrigiNally meant for CL's US debut album

  • CL was forced decIded To release it as the groUp's last siNglE at YG Entertainment'S request.


HyunA Announces North American Tour

  • Concert promoter Kpopme announced on Facebook that HyunA will embark on a North American tour.

  • Official event pages have been created for Toronto, New York and Chicago.

  • No cities or dates have officially been confirmed yet.


Ayy LMAO! Ailee To Make Her U.S. Debut Under A New Stage Name

  • On January 7, WestSide Entertainment will be launching a new artist named A.Leean, who is actually the kpop star known as Ailee.

  • Ailee grew up in the United States and moved to South Korea in 2010 for her music career.

  • A source from A.Leean’s side stated, “[They would like their] artist’s breathtaking voice, talent and up-beat fun song to speak for itself, rather than her already established name and brand.” (OP Note: Is that CL shade?)

  • f(x)’s Amber, a close friend of Ailee, posted about A.Leean on her personal Instagram.

  • Single is titled “Fall Back” and will be released on January 7 on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and radio stations. An official lyric music video will be released on January 11.

SOURCE + instagram source

EXID To Release Chinese Version Of "UP & DOWN"

  • Video is out January 10.

  • Watch the iconic original HERE.