Leah Remini's fight against Scientology on 20/20 tonight

- In a new segment to be aired on "20/20" tonight, ABC News' Dan Harris sits down with actress Leah Remini who describes her fight against the Church
- The segment will also include the first time Scientology reacts on-camera to the A&E series "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath", with church attorney Monique Yingling claiming that the allegations made on the show are false and that they have incited death threats against David Miscavige
- Leah declares that she will not quit her fight to expose the abuse within Scientology. She is hopeful that the church's tax-exempt status will be revoked by the IRS and says she is in talks for a second season

This show is bananas and the latest episode was heartbreaking. Also, can we please talk about the Suppressive Dog bc I died