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Marie Claire gets ahold of tape in which executive tells Rockettes to “tolerate intolerance”

Madison Square Garden executive chairman James Dolan called a meeting with the Rockettes to essentially tell them to stop whining.

Marie Claire, which in the year of 2017 is actually doing good journalism (the rest of media can learn a thing or two from Marie Claire and Teen Vogue tbh), was able to get audio of the meeting, which was secretly recorded by a Rockette.

During the meeting, Dolan said:
- Rockettes are a national brand and should participate in a national event.
- Doesn't think aligning with Trump will hurt his brand, and maybe he'll get some Trump supporters to buy tickets.
- The Rockettes are "as diverse as we can make the Rockettes while still holding up the standards of quality."
- He doesn't think pro-Trump people have been hateful.
- When a dancer said she's had friends who have been hurt from this past election, by all the hate, Dolan says "How can they be your friends if they're not tolerant of a different opinion?"
- A dancer says it sounds like he's telling them to be tolerant of intolerance, to which Dolan responds "yeah"
- Suggests they'll be performing at other Trump events.

Tags: donald trump, politics

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