Andy Cohen's Dog Knew His Boytoy Was the One

48-Year old Andy Cohen was seen with his boyfriend, 29-year-old Harvard PhD student Clifton Dassuncao in St. Barts on Thursday.

Andy wore a pair of fire engine-colored swim trunks while taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Dassuncao opted for simple black swim trunks and wore a straw hat to keep himself shielded from the paps the sun as he stayed on dry land while Cohen went for a swim.

The two have been dating since earlier this year. Andy spoke about his relationship with Brazilian Andy Samberg briefly with the Daily Dish saying:

'Wacha (dog) loves him. I met him with Anderson Cooper on the opening night of my tour with Anderson. And Anderson has loved this guy from the moment that I met him. I remember saying to Anderson, like ten months ago, that Wacha really likes this guy and Anderson said "Dogs always know. You have to listen to your dog."'


does your pet like your SO ONTD?