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ONTD Original: The Best Pop Songs From The Britney Wannabe Era

The Best Pop Songs From The Britney Wannabe Era

ya girl was everywhere, all the pinche pingas and nastys wanted to their guac in britneys taco, all the gworls wanted to be ha, heffas will pretend and deny but miss britney had "it" so much so that after the record smasher "baby one more time" all the record exec gorls was trynna ride that money train that britney & the good larry sis laid out, so they called whoever and got the hottest under 17 blonde poppin & gave ha a record deal, starting what we now know as, the stan war! but here are the best songs from the britney clones

Mandy Moore
ha discography: inconsistent, and bland
but the hit is: "in my pocket"

mandy was like britneys little annoying sister, she was jamie lynn, "candy" was a hit, and ha soliliquy in the bridge is lengendary iconic but ha true hit is, "in my pocket" what kinda slumdog millionaire bop? she was giving theme song to a shahruhk khan action movie, queen! now mandys an esteemed actrize, our generations meryl streep

ha discography: black pink = hits & bops, white pink = annie lennox 2.0
but the hit is: "most girls"
see also, "feel good time"

ok go ask someone u know if they know pink, they'll be like yea, ha, but nobody ever remembers when the good sis was half-black, in the school of britney spears, pink was the troublemaker sis always in the guidance counselors, office, anyway, she came all they way thru w "most girls" #goals

Christina Aguilera
ha discography: that gif
but the hit is: "woohoo"
see also, ummmmmmmmmmmmm

ok girls, this is what u call a bop nickis verse is iconic, christina is doing the usual yodeling but a bop is gonna be a bop no matter whos involved and this is tHE bop

Willa Ford
ha discography: idek girl
but the hit is: ^^^^ (she had another song called like toast to the guys or some trashy shit and ive been seeing it like recommended for me after listening to this hit for 15 yrs and i never got in)
see also, ha iconic performance of this song at mtv spring break

miss willa! willa was here, iconic album title name, she and autotune came all the way thru with basically the ho sequel to "believe" by cher, and the gays lapped it up, this song made alot of ur friends, brothers, cousins, coworkers, collaborators and colleagues gay, #hapower

Samantha Mumba
ha discography: its ok
but the hit is: "gotta tell you"
see also: "cest la vie" b*witched, samanthas irish sistren

samantha kinda snatched, the black britney if u will, she have us an iconic outfit from this video, a hot pink corset, blue jeans, and braids? girl, tear my whole shit out why dontcha, and she was like fucking people up in the video lmao legendary iconic, miss samantha, she was tom cruise to the bullshit in this video, and they say there are no black female action stars!

Brooke Hogan
ha discography: she slays
but the hit is: "everything to me"
see also: "about us"

it was hard not picking the best selling r&b song "about us" but since its about britney clones this is where we are, brooke tore my whole shit out when she was on that vh1 show w katie cassidy saying she's better than britney i was gaggin cause i and she knew that was a lie! but she slayed this song

ha discography: perfect day
but the hit is: "another dumb blonde"
see also: perfect day

ok! picture this, sicily 1923 and "snow day" came out in theatres girl i was gaggin, it was THE movie, u know? and miss hoku tore my whole shit out with this song, this pre-duff bop! in the school of britney, hoku was def the exchange student thats never at school, anyway i hope hoku got a better boyfriend than the guy shes singing about like, fuck him

Vitamin C
ha discography: girl idek
but the hit is: "smile"
see also: the queen of ballads, "graduation"

miss vitamin c TRIED THAT! lmao miss! hello miss?! vitamin c came thru with a reggae bop, im gaggin like a pimple on sugar rays ass vitamin c revitalized the reggae genre tbh!

ha discography: its cute
but the hit is: "us against the world"
see also: "i must not chase the boys", "whole again"

ok watch the video but im just gonna say, its straight outta an episode of law & order svu, the good chris hansen sis is right behind the camera, anyway that aside! play, came, through, my gay ass on habbo hotel havin cyber sex with a hispanic girl that said she was a white boy from the uk in a room that was decorated with shit i got using coins i begged my dad to buy me, anyway they tore it, and they have the distinction of being the only group on this list #marieclairewomentrailblazerawardwinners

ontd whats your favorite pop song from a blonde?

text by me, video sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Tags: britney spears, list, music / musician (pop), ontd original

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